Thursday, 9 October 2008

Free vinyl? Lovely f*ckin jubbly!

I know, I know, my generosity knows no bounds. Basically, I walked in to work the other day to find a returned package that I sent to a well known drum & bass DJ, full of lovely white labels. Apparently this ungrateful bugger didn't call at the Post Office to collect their free vinyls, and I'm not sending them to them again. So, I'm going to send them to one of you lucky buggers instead.

I have no idea what's in the package, don't even bother asking, I can't be arsed to muster enough energy to open it, it's hard enough just typing this to be honest. Anyway, I'm bored this evening, so email me your best joke with the subject "my best joke", and the one which splits my sides the most will win the prize -

Bonus points for anyone who manages to send a joke involving drums, bass or faces.


Mentalien said...

what if i'm not funny at all, but want to win the package?

Actual Reality Crash Test Dummy said...

Then simply borrow a joke from a funny friend :)

Yop13 said...

hey look the new store for djss of music gracias chaooo