Friday, 1 August 2008

Insider Trading

There are many rumours circulating the Internet about Inside Info, most are false. However, one of the ones that is true is that this man makes some of the most technically ridiculous, and powerful music known to man (this claim has not yet been subjected to independent study). Citing, of all things, a novelty radio watch as his initial musical inspiration, it was at the tender age of ten years old that Paul Bondy discovered pirate radio stations and the early sounds of hardcore and proto-jungle through his wrist.

Sucked into the innovative sounds it wasn’t long before Inside Info, or Paul to his friends, began to become infatuated with broken beats and, after receiving a copy of ‘Rave ‘92’ as a Christmas present, began to delve deeper into the world of dance music: “I used to be obsessed with computer games and I bought loads of computer game magazines when I was younger” he explains “I remember buying Gamesmaster which had an interview with The Prodigy in there. I knew them because of the tracks they had on ‘Rave ‘92’. This was just as they were about to release the ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’ album and I remember thinking “I HAVE to get that!”, so I picked it up. When I was old enough I bought tickets to one of their live shows, the way they played live fascinated me, and I was stood there wondering what the hell was happening behind the racks of equipment!”

Rewinding slightly from what has obviously become a great source of inspiration to Inside Info, it was the emerging sound of jungle that began to really catch his ear, eating up every compilation and radio show going, from ‘Jungle Massive’ to Randall’s show on Kiss FM. However, Inside Info was the only one of his peers who showed love for the clattering breaks and sub bass hits that are all too familiar to junglists of today, and he left the path to pursue other musical interests, heavy rock and metal.

In his own words though, it wasn’t long before he got the urge to revisit his musical past: “I remember one day waking up and thinking “I wonder what the hell jungle music sounds like nowadays” so I checked the radio listings and saw that there was a jungle drum and bass show on Kiss 100 really late in the evening. I stayed up and listened to it and I remember being completely blown away and wondering how the hell I’d ended up not listening to it. It was around the time ‘Bambaata’ was released, that was the tune that got me right back into D&B.”

Discovering DJing through some friends who played garage, Inside Info decided to buy his own decks and immersed himself in the world of playing music. Like many though, the desire to create his own sounds swiftly followed and Paul saved every spare penny that he wasn’t spending on records to buy himself a Roland MC505: “While at college I started doing more and more work, I worked as an assistant to a plumber, then an electrician, and painting and decorating. I remember redecorating my Nan’s spare bedroom for her and she gave me some money towards it too. Eventually I got my hands on one and made a few tracks which ended up in the hands of DJ Pappa G from Kool FM. He was impressed with my early progress and came down to my studio and showed me how to sample breaks and all kinds of stuff.”

Forming a partnership with a friend, the name Inside Info started out as a duo, they worked hard in the studio and landed themselves a show on Origin FM where they would play their new tracks, getting feedback instantly from the hordes of D&B fans tuning in each week. After a while the partnership went their separate ways, and Paul kept on the Inside Info name, taking out a loan to buy a proper studio setup and diving headfirst into his production, mixing up all the different sounds he loves and wrapping it in Tech. It wasn’t long before this unique tracks caught the ear of one DJ Hype, and his first release, ‘Concentrate’ b/w ‘Rumble On Signal’ was snapped up for his Ganja-Tek label.

Since that fateful signing, Inside Info’s tunes have been at the forefront of many a major player’s box, and with tracks signed to a selection of fine labels, including Horizons, Viper and the incredible anthem ‘Skyhook’ on Lifted’s sub-label, Breed12Inches, Inside Info is finally getting the props that his years of hard work have earned him. Look out for a slew of hot material forthcoming on Critical, as well as some choice remixes in the near future. If you want our trading tip, you’ll want to be picking up some Inside Info bits for your box, deadly.

Er, free tune then?

Yes yes yes, we hear you cry, but where’s our free Inside Info track? Well, you lucky little beggars, it’s here, and it’s a corker! Mr. Info has kindly donated his immense, and rather disgusting, ‘Angel Way’ to give away on our fair blog.

Please, if you want to repost this track then by all means do so, but give us, and Mr. Info a tip of your cap by linking back to us both.

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