Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The BTK Identity

For those who don’t know, BTK a.k.a. Identity has been knocking out solid and heavy dancefloor music for quite some time. A skilled producer and an even more prolific DJ, this young man can be found wandering the raves of Europe with reckless abandon, leaving a path of dancefloor devastation in his wake. I had the pleasure of playing alongside him in Ostrava, Czech Republic on Christmas day, and believe me, this guy knows how to slap up a club full of eager ravers. Anyway, enough sucking on his penis, here’s a short interview and a sweet free mp3 courtesy of BTK / Identity…

The A - Z of BTK / Identity


Almost 26.

Biggest release to date?

Identity, Braindead on Barcode Recs, around 2005.

Country of origin?

Brazil, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro.

Describe your style?

Full of energy, fast and with BPM around 174 without space for dark vibes.

Ever tried to take on a tiger in an office environment armed only with a cricket bat?

Not yet...

Favourite food?

Rice, beans, French fries and big steak... Brazilian food!

Girl or boy?

Hummm... Girl :D

How did you get involved with Drum & Bass?

I went to this DnB party in Rio, around end of 99 and Marky was spinning that night. I was working as dj already, but playing house and commercial music... After that night I started to get more n more into DnB.

Instant messenger or telephone?

It’s easier to catch me online... AIM, MSN, ICQ, Gtalk, Skype, Facebook, Myspace...

Junk food or fresh veg?

Burger King or stfu.

Knife & fork or chopsticks?

Knife, fork or large spoon to catch more, not into oriental food at all.

List your three favourite tunes right now?

Uman & BTK – Generator
Histibe – Tears of a Machine
Radio Slave - Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Mix)

Motto, what's yours?

People, music, food, money.

Number of releases so far?

18 drum and bass tunes (Identity / BTK) and 5 techno tunes under “Vinicius Honorio” alias.

Not really sure what happened to “o”!

Plug your forthcoming releases here, go go go!

Renegade Hardware Genotype (Manifest & BTK Rmx) Toxic 2008
Uprising Uman & BTK Generator 2008
Deception Manifest & Identity Infected World 2008
Sudden Def Uman & BTK Ectoplasma 2008
S&S Koldfront (Identity & Uman Rmx) Moonraker 2008
Obscene Identity & Implant Hell of Techno 2008
Guerrilla Identity DTC 2008
Algorythm Nphonix & Identity Project 2501 2008
TBA Mindscape & Identity Ice Breaker 2008

Question, ask me one?

Wie gehts dir?

Real name?

Vinicius Honorio.

Shoe size?

43 ½ eu, 9 uk, 10 us or 28cm.

Tell us your best studio tip?

Cut everything under 30 Hz!

Underground or commercial music?

I’m totally into cheesy tunes these days, listening to really commercial electro and pop-rock.

Vinyl, mp3 or CDs?

I still love play with vinyl, but these days, only CDs coz I don’t trust on my laptop, an pc running Vista that much to cross the risk of crashes in middle of a set.

Who's playing your tunes at the moment?

Ed Rush, Cause 4 Concern, Concord Dawn, SOM, Counterstrike, Evol Intent, EBK, Bungle, Mindscape, Munk, SKC...

Xylophone or Reason 3.0? (yes, we know that's rubbish, you come up with one for X then!)

“Xubase SX 3” and thkz H2O.

Your local D&B scene, what's it like?

I’ve been spending most of my time in Switzerland, which has a really busy and health DnB scene. Big ups Axiom, Optiv, Phil ( and my partner and best friend, Jonas (Uman / Task Horizon).

Zoo or theme park?

Theme Park. I used to hate those school missions to visit zoos when u was lil kid...

Download Identity - Flashback
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

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